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Known as MVP, Memeland’s inaugural NFT drop came in June 2022, a premium alpha-group membership pass of 420 golden trophy JPEGs that grant holders access to and information about upcoming Memeland drops, private access to the Memeland Discord MVP Lounge, IRL events, and collaborations. The collection represents the top tier of the Memeland economy and was a clear signal to the NFT community that 9GAG’s Web3 arm aims to build a project to compete with some of the most prominent players on the scene.
They all have the same inscription:

In i dór -o i greatest memes lies i greatest mír.

Roughly translated, these words mean: In the Land of the Greatest Memes lies the Greatest Treasure.
- MVP boosts every process in Memeland
- 2x Free airdrop from any upcoming collection in the Memeland ecosystem
- Always being a VIP! For example, you can talk to 9gagceo on a daily basis in MVP lounge.
- Speculated that MVPs will recieve a hefty $MEME drop once released.
- MVPs provide the BEST chance at earning potions in their reward (see the table below. MVPs represented as Trophies)

Memeland released the collection via a blind auction that set the price of each NFT in the collection at a hefty 5.3 ETH.