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Alphi is a free database that uses the power of community to bring accessible and transparent information to the world of digital collectibles.
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No one is helping the average collector make well-informed decisions

According to OpenSea, more than 80 percent of NFT projects on its platform are heists. From rug pulls to security breaches, new and experienced NFT investors can—and have—lost everything with the click of a button.

The problem is obvious: digital collectibles are notoriously difficult to verify. Most information is buried deep in Discord threads and near impossible to validate, and it’s not always possible to find a reputable write-up for an up-and-coming project. Without a single source of truth, it’s easy to make a wrong move—even if you’re an experienced collector.

Alphi empowers digital collectors with accessible information

We’re building a single source of truth for NFTs that’s powered and vetted by the community. Think of it like Wikipedia-meets-Glassdoor, but for NFT projects.

Consolidated Project Overviews

An Alphi project page serves up all the information you usually have to scour the internet for in a concise, user-friendly format — from team bios, lore, and project roadmaps to collection breakdowns, staking tutorials, and more.


No more speed-scrolling Discord and Twitter. Alphi is your single source of truth for releases, drops, and other breaking news. Follow your favorite projects or get daily updates sent straight to your inbox.

Community-vetted for transparency

Every project has an Alphi Score — a unique ranking calculated based on the accuracy of the project’s page information and user ratings of project leadership, communication, value, and more from holders in the community.

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