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Cool Cats Fractures is a collection of 11,575 Dynamic NFTs created by Cool Cats to allow our holders to join Blue along his journeys through Cooltopia. "Fractures" are your access pass to participating alongside the story while earning rewards. When the fractures have reached full strength, you will enter the fracture (by burning) to see what's on the other end!

Fracture NFTs are your ticket to participate in Chapter 1 of Journeys which we’ve designed to guide you through the World of Cooltopia to locate Blue. Fractures are considered non-membership NFTs in the Cool Cats ecosystem until you “enter” your Fracture at the end of the Chapter, ultimately burning your NFT to reveal your new character PFP, which falls into our mid-tier membership level, as shown below.
We’re taking dynamic NFTs to a new level. Expect your Fracture to evolve as you progress through each Journey phase. At each new phase, the metadata on your Fracture NFT will update to reveal new trait characteristics, some rare, some common. This process will continue until it is time to enter your Fracture at the end of the Chapter.

Fractures will evolve automatically at the end of each two-week Journey. The NFT’s metadata and art will update. Participating in Journeys will help ensure rarer traits for your Fracture, compared to the ones held by holders who are not actively participating in Journeys. This will continue until the end of Chapter 1, when your Fracture is ready for you to “enter” to reveal your new character PFP.
Reminder: The Fracture with the highest rarity will have the highest applied Journey score.
The Fractures themselves are considered non-membership NFTs in our overall ecosystem. However, when you burn the Fracture NFT at the end of the Chapter, you will receive a Shadow Wolves NFT that falls into our middle tier of membership.
Fractures utilize soft-staking, which is an “agreement” that you will not sell or transfer any of the tokens that you have submitted for the duration of a Journey. We will not remove the tokens from your inventory, nor will we prevent you from listing/selling. However, if any of your soft-staked tokens are sold, traded, or transferred at the time the Journey ends, you will lose all activity points and any other relevant points for that specific Journey.

During each Journey, you can stake more than one Fracture, but the applied Journey Score will be reduced for each additional Fracture being staked. Each subsequent staked Fracture will receive 25% fewer additional points in the Journey Score. Your Fracture with the highest rarity will have the highest applied Journey score.
For instance if your Journey Score is 1,000, and you staked 4+ fractures :
1st Fracture Staked – 1,000 Journey Score
2nd Fracture Staked – 750 Journey Score
3rd Fracture Staked – 563 Journey Score
4th Fracture Staked – 421 Journey Score
…and so on

Rarity & Traits
Traits will be added to the Fractures over time. Traits rarities will be assigned based on your “Journey Score” ranking at the end of every Journey.

The rarity of the final Fracture NFT will closely align to the final rarity of the PFP character NFT.
To ensure the best traits, make sure to increase your Cool Score and enjoy the story by participating in Journeys!