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Shadow Wolves is a collection created by Cool Cats, compiled of up to 11,575 NFTs which offer mid-tier "Super Cool" membership into the Cool Cats ecosystem and access to the World of Cooltopia.

Shadow Wolves introduce the dark side of Cooltopia, allowing holders the opportunity to embody a darker persona as a druidic, Viking-like wolf, with the ability to travel through fractures and collect precious materials. Known for being aggressive and uncivilized, these formidable adversaries are an integral part of the Cooltopian economy.

Shadow Wolves will deliver new game-playing dynamics and integrate more healthy competition amongst the Cooltopian community. Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves will be granted access to different utilities, whereby the Shadow Wolves will be classified as Super Cool members of the overall ecosystem, having access to diverse experiences, including unique Journeys and items that only they can obtain. By introducing the Shadow Wolves, we are expanding the world of Cooltopia and providing our community with new and exciting opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Shadow Wolves will be a static ERC-721a minted on the Ethereum blockchain network.
To mint a Shadow Wolf - go to our Mint page
  •  Select the fractures you want to burn
  •  Approve your token(s) for burning (you pay the gas)
  •  Approve the burning/processing of your fractures
  •  Receive your Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolves are free to mint when you burn a Fracture NFT. Users will pay gas on the Ethereum network to authorize burning in order to mint their Shadow Wolves.
Shadow Wolves, as described in the Royal Library records, are druidic wolf-like creatures with Viking-like characteristics that inhabit the Wandering Territory. For thousands of years, they have lived a life embedded in nature and work alongside other residents of the Wandering Territory.

Their primary objective is to explore geological fractures and obtain precious materials throughout Cooltopia. They are highly-skilled in combat and may attack to protect their resources.

It’s up to Blue and his friends to rescue Jo and Chugs from the Shadow Wolves.
Final Fracture traits/rarity tiers directly correlate to the final Shadow Wolf rarity tiers and traits, as discussed in our previous litepaper about Fractures and Journeys. Each tier of the Shadow Wolves collection will be organized similarly to the Cool Cats Collection tier system, with familiar levels ranging from Shadow 1 to Chaos 2.

A snapshot was taken on 4.17.23 of all holder wallets and the Cool Scores tied to each Fracture. In cases where there are ties for a certain tier threshold, your Cool Score will influence tier prioritization for your new PFPs.

The symbols were used to randomly assign the one-of-ones and legendary wolves within the collection. More details on these below.

One of Ones!

We have introduced a new approach to one-of-ones in our collection. We have added two tiers of legendary characters, with the more limited ones being called The Elders. The Elders will be randomly assigned to symbol factions from your fracture. The rarity tier of the Fractures will not be a factor in the availability of The Elders. This means that any fracture can result in a legendary Shadow Wolf.

Additionally, there will be legendary traits available for other characters, which we are calling The Scholars. There will be multiple scholars for each faction and will be minted at the end of the minting period and distributed as rewards to our most loyal members and as prize rewards. To learn more about how to get rewarded, stay tuned to our Discord and Twitter accounts.
Shadow Wolves are considered membership NFTs in the overall Cool Cats ecosystem. They fit into the 'Super Cool' tier, right next to Cool Pets. Shadow Wolves holders will have early access to special drops and releases, exclusive merch, IRL events and partnership perks, among other benefits.