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The Valhalla Reserve System (also known as the Valhalla Reserve) is the decentralized operating system of Valhalla. It was created on Dec 7th, 2022, with the enactment of the Valhalla Reserve Act, after a series of token-governed features were developed.
The Armory
The Armory allows holders to re-roll certain traits of their Avatars on-chain. To use the Armory, holders must burn a Valhalla Reserve token.

SUPPLY: 45,000

The Armory Tokens (aka. Valhalla Reserve) are a deflationary token with a fixed supply.

Details and video demo below. ↓


▸ Select a Trait
▸ Burn a Valhalla Reserve Token
▸ Receive 3 New Options
▸ Replace your Trait or Keep the Original

Traits chosen to be replaced will update the metadata of your Avatar on-chain and cannot be reversed.


▸ Primary (Weapon)
▸ Clothing
▸ Hair (Except Grail Types)

There is no limit to how many times you can re-roll your traits, but you can only re-roll traits your Avatar already has (e.g. you cannot re-roll into a Primary if you don't already have one).

Base Type, 3rd Party IP traits, and certain Type-exclusive traits cannot be rerolled.

This and coordinated drop rates will preserve the general rarity across the collection.

Drop rates for each Type will be published.

Valhalla Reserve Tokens do not expire, but there are specific periods in which they can be used.

The first re-roll period begins Wednesday, Dec 14th at 12:00PM PST and ends Wednesday, Dec 28th at 12:00PM PST.

The second re-roll period will begin soon.