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An ongoing collection of limited edition NFTs which can be used as Metaverse stickers and holding one may provide some perks within the [Obey Discord](https://discord.gg/obey). Edition sizes will vary and some versions may be event exclusives. All NFTs in this collection come with a Verisart COA. DEGENERATE/REGENERATE collection [can be found here](https://opensea.io/collection/degenerate-regenerate)]. [obeygiant.com](https://obeygiant.com)
Additional Collections
Degenerate/Regenerate is a 7,400 piece generative NFT art project by Shepard Fairey. Pulling from Fairey’s 32 year stencil, illustration, and fine art archive, this collection layers iconic images programmatically to create new, unique pieces of digital art. Each randomly-generated piece will be priced at 0.1 Ethereum.