WARNING: One or more users have reported this project for the following reasons:
  • This project was airdropped to my wallet without my knowledge and is potentially malicious (scam)
Equip your Moonbird with [Combat Gears](https://moonbirdcombatgear.xyz/?sc=cd) and defend the Metaverse. It’s kinda be that there’s a Kaiju terrorizing Metaverse, and the Moonbirds are expected to defend the city with only shoes and daypacks. It’s time to level up with Wagmi-San’s Level 2 [Combat Gear](https://moonbirdcombatgear.xyz/?sc=cd). This is a limited collection that includes Flamethrowers and Swords. [Combat Gear](https://moonbirdcombatgear.xyz/?sc=cd) will help players level up and give them the ability to yield higher points on set bonuses in Metaverse Defense Missions.