The Killaverse is under attack, and only YOU can save it! Stake your Cubryo in the Incubation Machine and watch it evolve through 8 Phases on its way to becoming a full-grown Killacub!Full grown Killacubs can be customized and designed any way you choose using our pool of base traits, or Killatraits.

See full details: cubs.killabears.com

There are 8 Phases of Incubation. (1 Phase = 1 week). Your Cubryo needs to evolve through these 8 Phases in order to reach its Design Phase. Cubryos can only evolve while staked in the Incubator.

You may remove your Cubryo(s) from the Incubator at any time, however doing so, will halt its evolution. For example:Β  If you incubate your Cubryo for 3 weeks, you would be on Phase 3. Unstaking it at that point would freeze your Cubryo at Phase 3 and halt its evolution. Upon re-staking it, the Cubryo would continue evolving starting at Phase 3. You can see which Phase each Cubryo is currently in, by checking its traits!

BIT-BOOST (Optional)
During Phase 1 of Incubation, you can choose to pair a Killabit to any Cubryo you have staked. Adding a Killabit will give you access to a larger Base Trait pool in the design phase, and a higher chance at getting rarer traits on initial reveal.

Killabits equipped with KillaGear will have the option to transform them into Killacub traits at the end of Incubation.When converted to cub traits, the original KillaGear will be burned forever - so choose wisely!

Once your Cubryo has completed Phase 8, your KILLACUB reveal with randomized Base Traits and possibly some rare extras! You may then choose to "lock in" the design, and remove from the Incubator, or customize using traits from the Base Trait Pool & our KillaTraits collection.

Killabear OG holders were given a free mint per bear while 5,555 Killacubs were minted for 0.25 ETH by allowlisted wallets or fellow holders during the second mint window. Mint finished during the "holders" mint window and didn't proceed to a public mint.

Initial contract had issues with transfers so the old contract was discontinued and new Cubyros and Killacubs were airdropped to holders.