Project Overview
Welcome to the Killaverse. A world designed for the next generation of digital entertainment. By combining the power of immersive story-driven experiences with digital & physical collectibles, we are re-defining what it means to build a global entertainment brand in the digital age. As a member of this exclusive community, you'll be swept away on a unique, and unforgettable journey. Start exploring now, to uncover the many secrets within...

Killabears is a collection of 3,333 thoughtfully designed and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain by Mexican artist Memo Angeles. Killabears holders can participate in exclusive events, such as: NFT claims, raffles, giveaways and much, much more. Don't forget, all Killabears are special -- but some are especially special.

The project is developed by Umbrella Games LLC, previously a mobile game studio with several hits to their name, who are making the switch to Web3.

About The Team
kickRRR / Mikael Tyrsen Creative Director / Founder
Mikael Tyrsen is an award winning Los Angeles based Director inspired to bring big ideas to life through creative filmmaking. Former co-founder of Umbrella Games. Creator of Monster Merge & other AppStore top 10 video games.

BeNFT / Ben Cohen Community & Business / Co-FounderΒ 
Ben has been in the cutting edge of mobile, gaming and e-commerce his entire career. Most recently he sold Scopus Media which was a collection of Instagram properties totaling 16 million subscribers. Prior to that he released the popular Talking Ted and WhenToGram mobile applications. In addition to web3, Ben is partner at one of the fastest growing pool equipment supply e-commerce companies.

Memo Angeles Artist
Memo is an artist with 11 years of experience. His work has been featured in music videos, hit TV shows & films. Some notable places Memo's work has featured are: David Guetta's hit track Good to be Bad, popular TV series': Community, The Last Man on Earth. And on the big-screen: Constantine, and I'm Just F*cking with You.

Kryptobean Tech
KryptoBean has been a game and web developer for 20 years, and recently made the switch to web3, and handled the tech for several projects for different teams and clients, most notably Full Body Ape Club.

NFT Collections
Genesis KillabearsΒ 
Killabears are the stars of the Killaverse. Designed by artist Memo Angeles, this elite collection of 3,333 horrifyingly lovable digital collectible characters, are what started this whole adventure. When you own a genesis Killabear, you unlock access to a community and ongoing immersive entertainment experience like no other. And commercial IP rights mean you can build anything you can imagine, using your own Killabears.

Killabears first launch was a collection of 3,333 free NFTs. Since then, they’ve built an expansive world and interactive story that includes NFT drops and content designed to bring value to all holders. Β 

Killabits are the protectors of the Killaverse. These pixelart versions were airdropped to all Killabears holders as part of the ongoing interactive storyline. Through Chapter 1 of our innovative staking system, each holder is rewarded with free KillaGear - animated weapons which can be equipped to your Killabits (and soon, your Killacubs).

The Killabits collection was created in June 2022 as the pixel companion collection to the Killabears genesis collection.

Killabears XL
Killabears XL are a collection of 20 remixed versions of the Killabears genesis collection.



Behind the doors of an unmarked room deep inside Killalabs, a set of blueprints was discovered. Β 

These blueprints include plans for a unique set of traits and attributes, however none of the traits appear to fit the measurements of any currently existing bear within the KillaVerse...

Killapasses: Kiillacubs Mint Passes
Killacubs Mint Passes are exclusive tickets to the Build-A-Cub Workshop in the KillaVerse. Pass holders are given access to build a Killacub for free.Β 

Killabear owners are able to use their traits to build a Killacub.Β 

Non-holders who received a mint pass can choose from a variety of additional traits to build their cub.

View collection on OpenSeaΒ 

The widely anticipated Killacubs workshop will allow you to build and mint a cub by mixing & matching the traits from your Killabears, or any KillaTraits you own.Β 

You will be able to build one cub for each Killabear you hold.Β 

The remaining supply will be available to KillaPass holders, and the general public.Β 

Like all other assets, Killacubs will become a part of the storyline, and will be used to unlock additional benefits within the Killaverse ecosystem.
What is R.U.S.H?

R.U.S.H. is a special substance which can speed up the REMIX (re-design) of a completed Killacub. In order to REMIX a cub, it would normally need to go back into the Incubator for 4 weeks. But using R.U.S.H. allows you to bypass this, making a REMIX possible instantly!


Each Killabear generates 1 oz of R.U.S.H. after 30 days staked in the R.U.S.H. Generator. This is enough to speed up the REMIX of 1 Killacub. Once your R.U.S.H. tank is full, you'll need to claim your R.U.S.H.

This will trigger a 15-day cool-down before your bear will automatically begin generating more R.U.S.H.

PLEASE NOTE: If you unstake, list, or sell a bear during the R.U.S.H. Generation phase, your progress will be reset, and your bear will re-start at the beginning when re-staked. If you unstake, list, or sell a bear during the cooldown phase, the cooldown will re-start when that bear is staked again.
Lore Chapter 0: Welcome To The Killaverse
  1. A ship malfunctions, taking off from KBX Spaceport unscheduled.
  2. Enter Dr. Fomo!
We are first introduced to @drf0m0 - when he warns us not to believe the "official story"
3. A sighting and crash of Bearpod #204 & Dr. Fomo weighs in

4. Community Discovers Killalabs Research. It is the innovation lab of the KillaVerse, specializing in a number of different scientific initiatives designed to "Advance & Enhance The KillaVerse

5. Community is introduced to Killahills. A KillaVerse news & tourism site appears on Twitter.

Its first tweet shares a news story about the ship crash in Killa Hills.

6.) The VisitKillaHills.com site gets "hacked", and a strange video is revealed through the code.

In it, an anonymous whistleblower backs up Dr. Fomo's concerns that we are not being told the whole story about the recent BearPod crash.

For a simulated re-enactment of the "hack", click here.

Clicking on the code should begin the whistleblower's message.

7.) KillaVerse Official Press Secretary Maria Mackerel continues to push the official narrative - denying that these strange occurrences are anything to worry about.

8.) Citizens report power and internet outages. It seems like some core data systems are being disrupted and a A State Of Emergency Is Suddenly Declared

9.) Officials address the situation w/ Dr Fomo. Special "data packets" are to be sent to holders toΒ  begin operation #SaveTheKillaverse

10.) An intel report reveals the attackers!

Vorians (aka Vorian Warmongers)

"Vorians use complex nanobots to attack critical data infrastructures, rendering ID and weapons systems useless, before launching full-scale takeover attempts of entire civilizations"
Lore Chapter 1: Welcome To The Killaverse
1.) Killabears holders receive Dr. Fomo's airdrop.

But before the airdrop can be revealed, the metadata changes. The signal has been lost!

And @drf0m0 is also nowhere to be found. His Twitter has been deactivated.

2.) The last communications with Dr. Fomo are shared via Killabears twitter

In Dr. Fomo's absence the community must hunt down his computer remotely and re-start the data transfer

3.) Dr. Fomo's Computer Discovered

The community discovers they've been thrown into an unexpected scavenger hunt.

After solving a series of puzzles, they are able to access Dr. Fomo's computer by going to fom-os.com

Community member @0x32D is first to solve a few more puzzles presented by Dr. Fomo's computer, and successfully re-enables the data transfer.

4.) The data packets are then revealed to be the new Killabits collection. Each holder of an OG Killabear received a pixelated Killabit version of each bear they held at the time of the airdrop.Β  These Killabits are Dr. Fomo's solution to beef up the security and strength of the KillaVerse data systems, and put a stop to the Vorian attack.

As these new Killabits are revealed, officials relay an anonymous message they believe is from Dr. Fomo. The message hints that the Killabits may soon need to be upgraded with "more firepower"

5.) A leaked internal memo reveals that officials are anticipating another attack sometime in the near future. Soon enough a strange video clip "accidentally" airs on KBBtv - showing what appears to be an emergency evacuation announcement for all KillaVerse Citizens.

6.) With Dr. Fomo still missing and the killabits needing an upgrade officials turn to KillaLabs, and assign them to reverse-engineer Dr Fomo's technology, in order to build the upgrade for the Killabits. This launchesΒ Staking Chapter 1: 'StakeCation'

Enter J. Andrew Bearington - CEO of KillaLabs Research.

After being tasked with figuring out how to provide an upgrade for the Killabits technology, KillaLabs asks citizens to participate in a simple 30-day research study.

In exchange for participation, holders shall receive not only a special upgrade for their Killabit... but also become eligible for additional BONUS rewards (to be revealed later).
Killabears Launches a Free Mint of 3,333 Horrifyingly Lovable, Animated Bears. This is the genesis collection for the project.

After beginning of the Killaverse storyline is presented a second collection is airdropped, called Killabits, to holders of Killabears. Each holder recieved one Killabit for each Killabear they were holding the Killabits are pixel art replicas of their original bears.

The storyline continues to progress and we are presented with Staking Chapter 1: 'StakeCation' - The Quest For A Killabits Upgrade. This is a 30 day staking process where holders were able to stake one Killabear and one Killabit for an "upgrade". This upgrade turned out to be Killagear - weapons we'd find out later their importance - Killacub traits, and other rewards such as other Killabears and Killabits from the projects Treasury.

After the resolution of StakeCation new mechanisms were introduced for Killagear such as merging your Killagear to create new and potentially more powerful Killagear. Merging would burn the Killagear used so this created a deflationary pressure on the collection. You could also equip and unequip your Killagear to your killabit, a feature that would be used in the next staking chapter.

The project has now rolled out Staking Chapter 2: 'The KillaLabs Experiment'. This staking process also requires one Killabear and one Killabit for staking BUT has higher reward tiers if your Killabit has a weapon equipped while it is staked. If the Killabit has a general weapon equiped it will be in the second highest tier and have a better chance at better rewards. If it has a merged weapon attached it will be in the highest reward tier and have the best chances at the highest rewards available in this staking process.Β 
LORE CHAPTER 3: The Quest For A Killabits Upgrade

1.) KillaLabs #StakeCation Study Goes Live

Luxury accommodations are provided by Kilton Hotels of Killa Hills.

In order to be eligible for this staking program, you need:

πŸ‘‰ One (1) KILLABEAR
πŸ‘‰ One (1) KILLABIT

Eligible assets are those that have not already completed the full 30-day Kilton staking program.

How To Stake Your Bears & Bits

Holders may check in for their stay at the Kilton via the official website:

You'll be escorted through an exclusive VIP entrance, and guided to your room immediately. Enjoy your stay!

If things get too crazy, you can ESCAPE at any time - but remember -

In order to qualify for your rewards, you must be staked for 30 full days.

🧠 Watch your bears and bits closely while at the Kilton. You may see some of your... ahem... interesting activities highlighted by changes in their staked metadata!

A visit to https://fom-os.com/ reveals that an image has been added to the desktop.

The text around the image turns out to be part of a video on youtube (no longer available).
Can be seen here

The video reveals that:

βœ…Β  Dr. Fomo is alive and well
βœ…Β  He is working on the Killabits upgrade (separately)
βœ…Β  He has designed a "backdoor" in the Killabits, which allows him to stream the data KillaLabs will receive during the StakeCation study.

In addition to the picture on Fomo's desktop, if you right click, and select 'Show Hidden Files', a blueprint is revealed.


3.) Back At KillaLabs progress is proving to be slow, and with new complications being discovered, J. Andrew Bearington is not a happy camper. One anonymous employee of Killalabs does tell-all video explaining there has been no progress on the upgrade, the employees are overworked, and Bearington is becoming increasingly hostile.

Meanwhile Dr. Fomo reveals he has "solved it"
Pressure mounts, as Bearington gets a nasty phone call from KillaVerse Press Sect. Maria Mackerel. The stakes are high, and time is not on our side. Mackerel threatens Bearington, and urges him to speed things up.

When they hang up, Bearington sends a cryptic text message to his lackey Agent #827 which says: "Initiate the Peruggia" and links him to Dr. Fomo's computer.

4.) Bearington is caught, and arrested for trying to hack into Dr. Fomo's computer and steal the data he is missing to complete the upgrade.

While being transferred to a new detention facility, Bearington executes a daring escape when his transfer vehicle crashes near Calisto Cave.

A planet-wide Bearhunt is launched.

Meanwhile Dr. Fomo Becomes The New KillaLabs CEO and finished the upgrade just in time for participants to claim their rewards from Kilton

5.) It is revealed that the rewards are Killagear with some lucky participants receiving additional rewards. Killagear can be equiped to your Killabit via the official bitEqu1pR v2.354 to get your bits geared up!

Equipping KillaGear is not permanent (yet) - once you equip gear, you will be able to unequip during specified time windows that will be announced.
Killagear Equipped

6.) Dr. Fomo makes a discovery that the Killagear can be merged. This is a burning mechanism to combine killagear into more powerful weapons

LORE CHAPTER 4: Killacubs Are Coming
Some lucky bears who complete the Kilton Staking Study also receive BONUS Rewards in the form of KillaTraits.Β  In this video, Dr Fomo reveals that these traits will soon be compatible with the long awaited KILLACUBS.

Soon, for each Killabear you hold, you will be able to mix & match traits (from both your OG's traits, and others you win, receive or purchase) - to build & mint your own army of Killacubs!

Each OG Killabear you hold lets you build & mint one Killacub.

In addition to Killatraits it appears Killagear will also be compatible with Killacubs

2.) A Killacubs update from Dr. Fomo is interrupted with a bang πŸ’₯

An official Statement On The KillaLabs Incident is made that the facility had to activate Lockdown Protocol. No contact has been made with anyone inside, since this protocol shuts down all physical and digital access points.

3.) Dr Fomo sends us an update from inside the lab. He is safe, but locked down in his office at KillaLabs, while an escaped Killacub causes chaos!

Eventually the lockdown ends but the cub responsible for the chaos has escaped!

To make matters worse it seems he has found Bearington

4.) The rogue Genesis Killacub managed to destroy all of the plans for KillaTraits. Dr. Fomo needs us to participate in a study at the lab to run some tests.

But Dr Fomo and the rogue Killacub are also paying attention and are up to no good!

5.) After testing the initial systems and releasing information of the upcoming staking process Killalabs staking has opened.

Later that night after the initial bears check in to Killalabs

...To be Continued!
BREAKING NEWS!!! System Overload at Killa Labs

Value to Holders? Killabears Can't Stop, Won't Stop