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The Grumbies Genesis Battle is a trait elimination survivor pool, where holders of NFTs can win ETH as long as one of their Headgear or Outfits has not been eliminated. When Grumbies are first minted the headgear (5 different ones) and outfit (10 different ones) traits will be a small subset of of all traits, while the other traits will be from the full set of traits. All NFTs start off with the same rarity, from the point of view of Headgear and Outfits. These are the only 2 traits that matter in terms of rarity.

The initial prize pool is 15 ETH and will grow as holders make upgrades.

Users can upgrade their traits in our Trait Bazaar or purchase a non-eliminated Grumbie on our OpenSea collection to make them more rare, and less likely to get eliminated. Each day an outfit or headgear trait will be eliminated using verifiable random numbers on chain. Users can upgrade their traits as long as long as both their headgear or outfit have NOT been eliminated. If both traits have been eliminated the Grumbie is completely eliminated from the survival pool. There are a total of 100 traits (including the 15 base traits), and the game ends after 90 traits have been eliminated. All winners will equally split the winnings.

The prize pool continuously grows as more users purchase traits! 70% of upgrades go back into the prize pool to push it higher. You can strategize about how to sell a grumbie with a non-eliminated trait on the marketplaces or go for the full prize by having one non-eliminated trait left! Our Twitter is where we will announce all eliminations. You can also view eliminations on the Eliminated Traits page of our application.
The game will start at 11am EST Thursday March 30th. 
Grumbies Genenis Battle NFTs were airdropped on March 26th, 2023 to all those who minted the Grumbies Eternal Entry which was a mint of 1,500 on on March 23rd.
Genesis Battle