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Heralding the dawn of NFT power users, OpenSea Pro unlocks a new level of optionality, selection, and control for pro NFT collectors. Previously known as Gem, OpenSea Pro has been months in the making, culminating in the platform’s rebirth as the most powerful NFT marketplace aggregator.Commemorating our community’s journey, we are releasing Gemesis, a thank you to Gem community members who have steered the ship with us. This limited-edition collection encapsulates our evolution, celebrates our community, and embodies the exciting road ahead.

Gemesis is an ERC-721 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. In essence, it is a gift from the Gem team to the Gem community to mark the launch of OpenSea Pro.

Each community NFT’s rank trait will correspond to the date of the first buy transaction a user conducted using Gem. Therefore, the earlier a user bought an NFT on Gem, the lower their rank number will be. As such, rank numbers will be assigned irrespective of the time of mint and instead will be based on the chronological purchase history using Gem, turning each individual user into a unique piece of the puzzle.
Gemesis NFTs are purely intended as a gesture of gratitude to thank the Gem community for its steadfast support. A Gemesis NFT signifies that the owner of a Gemesis NFT was an early Gem supporter.
Mint details
Gemesis is a free mint. Eligible users will only incur gas fees during the mint.

Qualified users who bought at least 1 NFT on Gem in the past will be eligible for the mint. No action is needed to be added to the allowlist - qualified users will be automatically added. This includes users of both Gem V1 and Gem V2. The snapshot was taken on March 31, 2023. Participants can mint one NFT per allowlisted address.

Apart from gifting the NFT to our community, the core team and key contributors that have helped bring the long-term vision of OpenSea Pro to fruition will also be eligible to receive Gemesis NFTs.