Drunk Robots is a Pop Art brand that celebrates freedom and individuality. Our brilliantly illustrated digital NFT collection sets the tone with over 150 unique traits that create 10,000 Drunk Robots with their own names. The art is meant for everyone and owners are granted full IP ownership of their Drunk Robots. The Drunk Robot origin story will be available soon in a fully illustrated, high quality graphic novel.
The Drunk Robots value our individuality and we actively seek to incubate others in the Web3 marketplace.

The Vision

We are a pop art brand in the Web3 space with a bridge to Web2 creating different physical and digital products. Community members will share in the profits!

Products (Digital, Physical)

We have created a DrunkRobots Energy-Drink (currently available in Europe ATM. Coming Soon to the US). It is a German product with high quality standards.

Graphic Novel
Storytelling has also been a very important part of the project since the beginning. We are working on a graphic novel which will tell the backstory of the Drunk Robots. You also can read a part of the backstory here

Unique Merch for all the Fans of the Drunk Robots. This Merch is not only a Logo printed on a Cap. High Quality Caps with a lot of details. We worked out a fantastic product which has boutique character.

We have created a dashboard with tools on our website, which allows community members to show off their beloved project while getting our brand out in the space. 

- Quotes & Banners
- 34 different Backgrounds
- 40 different images you can use
- Up to 5 NFTS on 1 Banner

Check out
Genesis Artworks
To reward the builders in the first step we created a 50 pieces 1/1 Genesis Collection. These artworks are the history of the Drunk Robots before it came to a pfp collection.


Weare a open minded collective, including everyone. We love to work with other projects together and love to see people coming together.

The community brought the trait groups to another level. Trait groups in the Drunk Robots
are little projects in the Drunk Robots Ecosystem. We have different utility depending on which trait group you belong to. 

Weekly and Daily Spaces. Once a week you can meet with the founders in a space, also we have daily morning spaces.

We are working closely with the artists in our community and recognize them whenever we can. For example, we have very talented Hip Hop artists, 

Experts in creating artworks for the community:
And a lot more.