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We Are Delabs Games

At Delabs Games, we want to create fun games that last a thousand years.

With blockchain technology, our games can one day live on forever. This technology also helps us create tools that empower the community to become builders of their favorite Delabs game.

Our priorities are:

  1. Building fun games for everyone
  2. Creating a sustainable creator economy
  3. Facilitating community governance

Led by Joonmo Kwon, the former CEO of Nexon, we’re building free to play games that anyone can enjoy without knowing anything about NFTs, wallets, or crypto in general. We also have a simple on-boarding process that guides players into the web3 side of our games.

Fun Games for Everyone

Our team at 4:33 Creative Lab has been developing and publishing games for over 13 years, and we’re bringing that expertise to Delabs Games. Whether it’s a web2 or a Web3 game, we always focus on delivering fun games to our players. We believe that fun is the source of value, not tokens or digital assets. Instead of repurposing our web2 games for Web3, we’ve realized that the best way to maximize fun is to create all of our Web3 games from scratch. To accomplish this, we’ve gathered the most experienced teams for each genre.

In order to make our games accessible for everyone, we’re building free to play games that web2 users can enjoy without knowing anything about NFTs, wallets, or crypto in general. We also have a simple on-boarding process that guides players into the Web3 side of our games.

Sustainable Creator Economy

One of the best parts of Web3 is the creator economy. The average person in the modern world is a creator. If you’ve ever posted anything on social media, you’ve created content. Web3 provides opportunities for creators to get economic value out of the content they create. At Delabs, we’re providing editing tools for players to create playable content in our game.

We have three games on deck: a racing game and two roleplaying games. Our tools empower players to create game modes and dungeons for the community to enjoy. With these tools, players are not just consumers. They become creators who guide the direction of the game.

Community Governance

In general, we believe that blockchain technology is the next natural shift in the game industry. With this technology, players can own their digital assets and influence the game by creating content and participating in decentralized voting. This governance will determine the future of Delabs games. In this way, players are not just consumers but leaders in the community.

What Is Delabs Games Creating?

Our first game, Rumble Racing Star (RRS), is a racing game that unites PFP projects on the track. Players can play as PFP characters, and this game will ultimately bridge Web2 and Web3 players. Free to play players can race as our original RRS characters. PFP holders of projects like Goblintown and y00ts can play as a goblin or a y00t. Our RRS team is working hard to capture the unique culture of each PFP project in the game.

We also have two other games lined up. All we can say for now is that they’re both RPGs. One is a survival roleplaying game, and the other is a character collection game with an anime art style. Just like with RRS, we have the best developers for each of these subgenres working on our games.

Is there a mainnet?

We’re partnered with Polygon because they are leaders in speed and security for games.

Delabs Games is backed by 4:33 Creative Lab with 13+ years of experience in the game industry and 300M+ accumulated global downloads.
Our People
We are led by Joonmo Kwon, CEO, a game industry veteran with 20+ years of experience and 6+ blockbuster game titles.

  • Founder of 4:33
  • Former CEO of Nexon
  • Chairman of Korea Association of Game Industry
  • Ph.D in Psychology, Columbia University

Jerry Seo

Headof Business

  • 15+ years experience as Lead PM
  • MU Origin 1 & MU Origin 2
  • Nexon / Webzen / Vespa


Sangmoon Hwang

Head of Tech

  • 15+ years experience as Lead Tech PM
  • 100+ games serviced
  • NHN Corp

Beongryang Choi

Project Director, Rumble Racing Star

  • Main Director of Crazy Racing Kart Rider at Nexon
  • Director of Disney’s ZIPI Racing
  • 20+ years of game development experience
  • Expert racing game designer

Yongtae Cho

Project Director, Space Frontier

  • 20+ years of game development experience
  • Head director of RF Mobile at Netmarble
  • Past experience with Nexon and Netmarble

Daeseok Son

Project Director, Metabolts

  • 20+ years experience
  • Director of King’s Raid 1 & King’s Raid 2 at Vespa
  • Shot Online at Webzen

Delabs Adventure Pass

Enrich your gaming experience

The Delabs Adventure Pass is your gateway to an enhanced gaming experience. Holders of the Delabs Adventure Pass can enjoy benefits for all Delabs games.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Early access to our first title Rumble Racing Star
  • Exclusive in-game items
  • Exclusive in-game NFT airdrops
  • Exchange ticket for 1 season of any Delabs Battle Pass
  • IRL event invitations and access to Delabs merchandise

The Delabs Adventure Pass is minting on April 6th, at price of 0.1E. 

Adventure Pass holders receive benefits for all Delabs games. Our first title is Rumble Racing Star (RRS), a kart racing game with PFP characters. Adventure Pass holders will receive the following benefits for RRS:

  • Early access to the game
  • Exclusive in-game items
  • Race pass exchange ticket
  • IRL event invites and access to limited merch

1. When is the mint?
April 6th at 7 PM EDT

2. Where is Delabs Games minting?
We’re minting on our official Delabs Games website. The link will be available the day of the mint. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for updates.

3. What is the supply?
Total: 3,433
Sale Supply: 3,000
Delabs Games Reserve: 433

4. What is the mint price?
Sale price will start at 0.1 ETH for allowlisted wallets. Additional sale details will be announced soon.
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5. How many NFTs can each wallet mint?
1 mint per wallet.

6. How do I get on the allowlist?
We’re raffling off allowlist spots with Premint. 

7. Is the allowlist overallocated?
No. All wallets on the allowlist get a guaranteed mint. For those who don’t make it on the allowlist, we will be announcing more details about the sale on Twitter and Discord.

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