CrypToadz is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection of 6,969 unique toad-themed profile pictures (PFPs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT within the collection portrays a pixelated, amphibious creature with a series of distinctive characteristics, including various backgrounds, clothing, accessories, names and more.

Veterans of the NFT world value the subtle references CrypToadz makes to the history of NFTs. In an interview with Defiant, James Wyper, a friend of Gremplin, said, “There are so many inside references and Easter eggs in the Toadz designs.” He added that those features made Gremplin “the visual historian of the space.”

Examples of Gremplin’s nods to prominent NFT collections include the usage of trademark square glasses that are common in NFT art. Some CrypToadz also smoke a cigarette as a reference to Punk #961. Gremplin’s ability to draw the CryptoPunk community to his work adds to the collection’s appeal.

Noah Davis, Christie’s NFT expert, tweeted that he was a proud CrypToadz holder: “It’s like all the weird art kids and the finance club got a table together at university and started talking and building together 24/7.” Davis’ remarks played a significant role in propelling the collection to fame. Via kraken


CrypToadz are small amphibious creatures that roam the swampy basin of what was formerly known as Uniswamp. Unfortunately, approximately six weeks ago the Evil King Gremplin descended upon Uniswamp and dispatched the CrypToadz leader Colonel Floorbin, exiling him to Gooch Island. Following the fall of Colonel Floorbin, the Evil King Gremplin declared his divine right to rule over all CrypToadz in the Metaverse. The Evil King Gremplin's first order was to rename Uniswamp to GREMPLAND. The Evil King Gremplin rules over the CrypToadz along with his army of Fronkz. The Toadz have been known to refer to the Evil King Gremplin's reign as "THE CROAKENING". Help rid the Toadz of the rule of Evil King Gremplin by choosing how many to free during minting.