This artwork may or may not be notable.

Ownership and authorship in the age of the internet is based on the premise of verification.

This concept became a part of internet culture in 2009 when Twitter introduced the verified checkmark to their interface to indicate the notability of an account - a badge typically reserved for Journalists, Politicians, Athletes, artists and celebrities.

A small check mark next to your name to prove your notability. That your words have weight, your opinIons are more Informed. or your achievements are greater than average.

In recent months. the symbol has absorbed new context. driven by an Acquisition of the Twitter platform, and the disbanding of the old verification process.

The "checkmark" is a symbol that now sits behind a barrier of an $8/mo subscription. A symbol that transcends language and culture, almost as ubiquitous as the $.

The intent of this piece is to capture a moment in time - the shifting context in which the process of verification takes place, in a society dominated by electronic culture and communication. The coveted checkmark that was previously a badge bestowed by institutions, is now a symbol that merely means the holder can afford it and is Prepared to pay for it.

if no one is verified, everyone is verified.
if no one is notable, everyone is notable.

As we shift into systems of digital verification that no longer rely on central authorities, the authenticity of a piece of art, the genesis of an idea, the cataloging of a piece internet culture - all made possible via digital contracts and tokens. its provenance verified by hundreds of thousands of decentralized nodes.

Checks is an infinite canvas for expression that is designed to challenge the concept of ownership and authorship in the age of the internet.

in one configuration it can pay homage to a modern artist, in another it can reference the most notable portrait of a time, in another it can reference a week-old niche internet meme.

it's ours now.

Don't trust - check.
A burn mechanism is planned but no date has been announced on when it will launch.
As you can see in the above image, these are the possible supplies for all types of checks. These supplies indicate you will need to burn two checks of the same tier to get to the next highest tier. (I.e. Burn two 80 checks to get one 40 checks)