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Lore of the Botz

Artificial Intelligence has staked its claim over the earth, and the relationship between humans and machines is now symbiotic. A struggle for power rages on as this new world of machines and technology evolves this new way of life.

You, the player, must select a robot and prepare it for the battle arena, for in this new world, diplomacy is lobbed in only one place… the Battle Arena.

Stake your bots and upgrade them. Master the algorithm as well as collect all the items you will need to be victorious. Listen for clues as you race to gain an advantage over other competitors because each season, there can only be one champion.

Welcome to Season 2. Will it be you?


Season One was full of discovery and mystery. 10,000 Beep Boop Boxes appeared up for grabs on the Ethereum Blockchain, and humans from all over the globe claimed as many as they could get their hands on with only one note. "This box is the gift that will keep on giving"

And give it did. 10,000 robotic bundles of joy called Beep Boop Bots burst from these boxes, and the relationship between man and machine was born. But these Bots came bearing gifts. When staked, they earn $Boop coins on which the Battle Arena ecosystem runs off of. Items became available for acquisition, ranging from toolboxes to extra batteries, and even a limited number of Exo suits that you could outfit your robots with.

As the humans navigated their way through this new way of life, many social and economic wars were fought. Speculations and theories were proclaimed, but in the end, the results, as they learned, would and will always be the same. The robots make the rules, and in each season, only one will be left standing.

Congratulations to our SN1 Champion, Melissa!
Melissa Barrett


Humans are left to pick up the scraps of the Battle Arena and the carnage that came with it. Hunks of metal and robot appendages lay in massive piles. All power cores have been burnt and broken from Season One battles, and the search for a new power source to reactivate and rebuild the Bots has begun.

Batteries are key. Once inserted and recharged, a robot's ability to earn coins in the game is as well! Humans will then gain access to the "Build a Bot" laboratory, where they can begin re-assembling their Bots with all-new upgrades. The attack values, defense, and aesthetics of your robots are completely in your hands. Use your coins to open supply crates and start to rebuild. Search for and acquire pre-existing assets on the Blockchain to help your bots in battle, and don't forget your boxes… this season, they will be giving you a robot's best friend.

Season 2 Battles: