B3asts NFT by Bridge 3 Labs
A tokenized community of remarkable founders, investors, and industry specialists building the next generation of web3 technology.

Building Breakthrough Companies
We work closely with creative entrepreneurs to build companies from square one. From a raw concept to a viable product or service. Our community is made of seasoned investors and experienced builders. We provide new founders with a proven process, operational expertise, and the necessary resources to turn their ideas into successful companies.
To become a member, head over to Blur and buy one secondary!

B3asts NFT Collection


B3L B3asts is a collection of 1,000 NFTs that double down an access pass to our community and membership.

1 collection 
100+ unique traits
1,000 hand-drawn NFTs

Blur: https://blur.io/collection/b3l-b3asts

B3L is not just an NFT, but an exclusive tokenized community offering a wide array of member benefits. We are continuously evolving and signing new strategic partnerships, which means, new member benefits will be added as we grow.

Our Platform Value includes the ability to participate in our venture lab funding program, exclusive deal flow along with the largest VC funds, and direct access to future B3L umbrella projects. Meet seasoned investors and remarkable founders while attending members-only private events.

We are focused on NFT utility, including token-gated access to premium NFT analytics and crypto trading tools, web3 educational courses, weekly trading workshops, allowlists for partner projects, and a wide range of loyalty-based rewards via stake-to-earn (S2E) token offerings.

Become a member ⮕ http://t.ly/B3asts-NFT

#1 Web3 Venture Lab


Backed by institutional investors, our venture lab program invests in disruptive web3 startups and founders.

We are looking for technical founders looking to improve existing business models and create new ones through innovative value offerings.

Our VL application is open to everyone. B3L Member projects have priority on timeline and review approach. Selected projects are presented to our Board members to vote on funding requirements. 

Founders apply here:  https://bridge3labs.io/venture-lab
B3ast Staking + $B3L Token
$B3L is a utility token that will be at the center of the B3L ecosystem.

Stake-to-earn (S2E)
: By staking your B3ast NFTs, members will receive daily $B3L token rewards. Token emissions are based on NFT quantity and rarity. The more NFTs staked, the more tokens earned. Rare NFTs yield more tokens than common NFTs. Yes, rarity matters and will be rewarded!

The tokens can be used to purchase items from our upcoming marketplace, including NFTs, physical items, gift cards, WL opportunities, access to new tools, and more.

Dashboard: Members will track their $B3L tokens balance, see staked NFTs, and receive the latest updates and information.

Partner Projects
: $B3L token utility will expand across partner projects fostering cross-community collaborations, digital asset trading, and new holder benefits.

Token Burns: $B3L tokens used to purchase items from our marketplace will automatically be burnt and removed from circulation.

$B3L Token Yield - By B3ast Rarity Rank:

- Legendaries yield 15 $B3L
- Top 5% rank yield 7 $B3L 
- Top 20% rank yield 3 $B3L  
- Cool B3asts yield 1 $B3L
stAPE Project

stAPE is a community-driven project growing ApeCoin’s adoption by providing attractive staking APYs with little entry cost required

How it works:

  1. Stake B3AST NFTs on our staking dashboard
  2. Pair with ApeCoin
  3. Earn one of the highest APY % in the market!

Looks cool, what’s the deal?

Our ApeCoin staking APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is highly competitive. We allocate 70% of new B3ast mint funds back into our staking pool, thus increasing the amount of $APE committed to the project. This allows us to maintain a higher APY %, making it very attractive to stake your ApeCoin through our B3L staking pool.

APE Staking and Unstaking:
  • You can stake your ApeCoin into our pool at any point in time
  • You can unstake your ApeCoin every Friday from 12pm EST to Saturday at 12:00pm EST
  • We implemented this 24-hour claim window to maximize your APE rewards and minimize staking/gas fees
  • Your ape staking balance will update every day, so give the dashboard up to 24 hours to reflect the change/update.

APE Staking Rewards:
  • Every Friday at 12:00 pm EST you can claim your weekly APE staking rewards
  • The claim window is open for 24 hours (Friday 12:00pm EST to Saturday 12:00pm EST)

Membership Tiers

Our membership tiers are thoughtfully structured to reward and incentivize loyal members of our community according to the number of B3ast NFTs they own.

B3L Holder: This tier is perfect for those adventuring into the B3L community for the first time. Members are required to hold at least 1 B3ast.

B3L Whale: This tier is ideal for those members that are very active in the community and are looking for additional benefits, including participating in our Venture Lab funding and Investment Club DAO. Members are required to hold at least 5 B3asts.

B3L Board: This tier will be limited to a maximum of 30 members and it’s for those that are fully committed to B3L and want to help steer the direction of the company along with the founders. Members are required to hold at least 10 B3asts.

Our Founders

Boredchilla is the co-founder of Ethos Capital Management, a >$500 million AUM private investment and holding company that operates assets in the Technology, Software Automation, Energy, and Real Estate sectors. Boredchila brings over 25 years of experience spanning the areas of investment/operational strategy, digital transformation, M&A, and globalization. Prior to the formation of Ethos, Boredchila was a Senior Managing Director of PwC’s Business Transformation practice based in Silicon Valley. During his 12+ year consulting tenure, he advised >$4 Billion in M&A and outsourcing transactions by serving 1/3 of the Fortune 500 companies along with several leading private equity firms.

FerLoko is a serial entrepreneur and investor with vast experience in growing and scaling start-ups and mid-stage companies across multiple industries. He’s the co-founder of leading >$100 Million fuel automation technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning software. Prior to B3L, FerLoko held Director and Vice President roles at various private equity and family office investment firms. His 10+ years of experience in Finance expands across M&A, SPVs, and JV formations in Energy Infrastructure, Technology, and Real Estate sectors.

Danksy is a senior data analytics and finance professional. He has multiple years of experience in PE & VC investing having held different senior roles at leading investment firms specializing in Renewable Energy and Technology sectors. Prior to B3L, Danksy was a Senior Analyst at multiple silicon valley tech startups leading their business development and analytics departments. Danksy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Boston University.
Learn More: Bridge3labs.io