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Frens Have Evolved
Frens have stumbled across an incubator room. Forming a new evolved fren. New traits, new style, new feel.

How does this work

All frens were airdropped an incubator, 1 PER FREN. Use this to produce the evolved fren or hold for future use. Frens also had the opportunity to privately purchase an additional AFE for .25 ETH, not an incubator. 
After 24 hours, the remaining un-minted supply will be released to the public. In order to prevent botting, there will be a Public Sale sign up link. To create an AFE you do NOT need to use your fren with the incubator.

Earn FREN coin. You must hold 1 OG alien fren to activate coin earning for all other AFE owned. Fren Coin only used inside alien frens store. FREN coin is earned from holding and logging into website and claiming. it is not a blockchain coin, nor a staking coin.

Alien Frens Evolution will have an added invasion spot. Only 1, not multiple.

Frens Evolution will be considered a fren holder, and have access to discord roles.

Access to Frens Exclusive clothing items, after OG alien frens have finished buying in an allotted time. Then both OG and AFE have access.

Access to IRL events.

AFE may receive some things in quarterly roadmaps, but with OG frens receiving first.