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10KTF, or 10,000 True Friends, is a story-driven NFT project that leverages the ability of NFT holders to use their IP to craft derivative NFTs, ranging from wearables like sneakers and backpacks to Gucci-tailored Bored Ape skins. 

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While 10KTF has not publicly shared a product roadmap, they’ve hinted at future plans through lore, including:

  • Release of “Battle for New Tokyo,” an open-world game in the metaverse
  • Potential release of physical merch


Visit the 10KTF Shop for the untailored Timeline of past events. 

Calendar Events



The story of 10KTF is set in New Tokyo, a floating city atop a river of Ethereum, and centers on an artisan named Wagmi-san, a master craftsman who creates wearable items using unique tools and materials in his shop. Various other characters weave in and out of the storyline, including Boss Toads, who extort money from Wagmi-san, and Gutter Cats, Wolf Gang, and World of Women, who compete for control of New Tokyo. 10KTF’s native currency is now Ape Coin.

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Who is Wagmi-san?

Wagmi-san is a world-renowned artisan from New Tokyo. New Tokyo is a floating city in a parallel universe. Beneath the metropolis flows a river of Ethereum. Though the city is constantly changing, it is represented by 8 different districts, one for each parent PFP selected for his shop. A man of honor, Wagmi-san only crafts items for customers who own parent NFTs. His accessories are 1:1 digital objects that will only be created once. He has a band of Shopkeepers and Shop Helpers who assist him in keeping things in order.


10KTF was launched in September 2021 by WeNew Labs at the height of the crypto bear market. WeNew was co-founded by digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known as “Beeple,” who sold a piece of his artwork as an NFT for $69 million at a Christie’s auction in 2020.

The 10KTF collection is created by Wagmi-san, a fictional clothes maker at the center of the narrative. In September 2021, 10KTF started dripping out pieces of Wagmi-san’s story via Twitter. 

In March 2022, 10KTF and Gucci announced a collaboration collection called Gucci Grail, envisioned by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. 

Prior to its Gucci partnership, Wenew Labs partnered with Louis Vuitton on an interactive NFT project for the brand’s 200th anniversary.

NFT Collection

10KTF (genesis)

10KTF genesis NFTs were launched on September 17, 2021. The collection is built around the creation of distinctive metaverse wearables (sneakers, hoodies, socks, etc.) for holders of specific NFT projects, such as World of Women, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, and more. The collection, which presently contains more than 22,200 NFTs, was founded by Wagmi-san, a fictional clothing tailor at the center of 10KTF’s ongoing narrative. 

Each item in the 10KTF collection is a derivative of a parent NFT from another collection. For example, 10KTF Ape High Tops can only be minted by Bored Ape NFT holders. According to the official website, the 10KTF NFT uses a purpose-built ERC 721 agreeing smart contract to allow users to mint derivative NFTs from their current NFTs. The smart contract assures that only the existing owner of the NFT can build the derivative NFT and that only one NFT is minted for each related parent NFT. 10KTF genesis NFTs are one-for-one, meaning no two are the same, making each rare and limited in quantity. 


10KTF’s genesis NFTs have four rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, and epic. Each rarity level corresponds to different benefits: common items receive 1x benefits, uncommon receive 2x, rare receive 4x, and epic receive 8x. 

During the first airdrop to genesis collection holders (October 2021), all rarity levels received both materials and tools, while future drops are speculated to differ in quality/quantity based on an item’s rarity. 

10KTF Stockroom (crafted)

The 10KTF Stockroom holds the materials, tools, and blanks for Wagmi-san’s shop that allow you to create the bags, shoes, hoodies, and other items seen in the 10KTF genesis collection. The materials in this collection (thread, rubber, cloth, Gucci material, etc.) can be combined and “burned” to create “blank” versions of the wearables from the 10KTF genesis collection.

Stockroom Tools

Tools can be used to craft blank NFT items such as hats, backpacks, and other items that can be combined with certain parent NFTs (such as Bored Apes). Only holders who own certain parent NFT avatars like Bored Apes can craft 1/1 items that incorporate the parent NFT.

Stockroom tools are reusable items that can be used as many times as needed to craft as many blanks as you like. 10KTF's staking feature allows everyone to craft blanks, without having to buy their own tools or borrow from a friend. You can borrow tools from the shop when you connect to craft. (You will still need materials in your Metamask to craft blanks.)

What is tool staking?
Tutorial: How To Stake Stockroom Tools

If you own tools, you have the ability to stake them in return for APE tokens on a daily basis. There is no limit to the number of tools you can stake, provided they belong to the same wallet address with which you are connected. Keep in mind that each time you decide to stake or unstake, you will need to pay gas fees.

Stockroom Materials

Stockroom Materials are consumable items that can only be used once to craft blanks. According to 10KTF’s lore, collectors aren’t able to craft blank socks at this time due to supply chain issues in New Tokyo. Minting PFPs on socks is available on a limited, weekly basis.

Crafting blanks

Tutorial: How To Craft a Blank

Tutorial: How To Craft a PFP NFT with a Blank

Blanks are digital items crafted by Wagmi-san that can be brought back to his shop to be turned into a final finished item with the art of your desired parent NFT on it. The desired parent NFT must be a collection supported by 10KTF, and you must own the parent NFT in the same wallet as the blank. 

Blanks can take the shape of Level 1 Genesis, Crafted, or Level 2 Combat Gear. (These come into play in Battle.town, 10KTF’s event platform where holders can use their items to participate in game missions.)



Battle.town is a PFP event platform where players can use their 10KTF items to join missions to help Wagmi-san in the ongoing battle for New Tokyo. After connecting an eligible wallet, players will be able to join missions by sending their avatars, equipped with 10KTF items, to help Wagmi-san’s cause. The complexity and feature set of each mission will increase over time. At the end of the Mission, rewards are calculated based on each player’s loadout compared to the total pool. After completing a Mission, a reward may be available for claim.

At 10KTF’s discretion, mission rewards may include: storypoint badges, stockroom materials, physicals, or other items. These items will be available for claim and redemption on Battle.town after each mission is completed. 10KTF may select a number of missions that reward participants in ApeCoin; if so, these rewards will be available for claim on 10kfrens.org upon completion of the mission.

How to participate in Battle.town missions

Connect an eligible wallet to Battle.town. Make sure the URL address you are interacting with in your browser is “BATTLE.TOWN”. 

Avatars are required in order to participate in Battle.town. However, if you do not own an NFT from the collections listed below, you may use a blank avatar. While available to everyone, the blank avatar receives fewer rewards and is ineligible for certain bonuses.

Check the #old-walkie channel in the 10KTF Discord server for the latest Battle.town announcements.

Compatible avatars

0N1 Force

10KTF Gucci Grail

Bored Ape Kennel Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Cool Cats

CrypToadz by GREMPLIN

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

Gutter Cat Gang



Mutant Ape Yacht Club


Pudgy Penguin

Wolf Game

World of Women

World of Women Galaxy

Equipping your battle loadout

The quality of your loadout of avatars is determined by the tier of the 10KTF items equipped, their rarities, and any bonuses attained. It is highly recommended to fully equip your Avatar in order to optimize your loadout. The specific value of each 10KTF item will be revealed over time. Each item has a corresponding “base power,” which earns additional rewards for holders/players in 10KTF’s Battle.town game.

Level 1 items include any items crafted from stockroom collection items. Level 2 Combat Gear is a limited collection that includes special gear for Battle.town missions. Combat Gear will give players the ability to yield higher points on set bonuses in Battle.town missions. 


Level 2 Combat Gear is stored in Combat Crates. When revealed, each crate will contain 1 Combat Blank. These Blanks will require a 10KTF-supported parent NFT in order to mint a 1:1 Combat item. (10KTF Gucci Grails are not a parent NFT.)

Level 1 items + base power

Level 2 items + base power

Snapback Hat = 18

5-Panel Hat = 18

Daypack = 27

Comfy Hoodie = 21

Cat Hoodie = 21

Socks = 15

High Top = 44

  Sock Full of Doorknobs = 35

  Combat Helmet = 27

  Pilot Helmet = 33

  Kevlar Vest = 31

  Combat Boots = 65

  Foam-o Sword = 52

  Flamethrower = 76

Additional resources for Battle.town setup


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